Monday, September 8, 2014

Halloween treat bags video!

Hi there!
I made a video showing how I made the monster treat bags using Goodie Bag by Lawn Fawn that I shared here on the blog during August release week, I think that they're super easy to make and a fun and cute way to give treats on Halloween :)

Monster bags

Here's the video, I hope you enjoy it and give the little bags a try!

Note: I know my english is not perfect and I'm so sorry about that! Someone left a comment on Youtube about my spelling mistake on "symmetrical". I'm sorry if that bothers you while watching the video, ugh! I don't like to find mistakes either while I'm reading but it's easier to write well in your first language lol.
I'm happy because my English has improved a lot since I started my blog and I hope it will become better and better in the future. Thanks for your help with that! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, hugs!!


Yukari Y. said...

Another great post! Great way to start my Monday lol :). I loved your video. You are so creative and talented! Never mind the rude comments.. Can't believe people sometimes :/

Tami B. said...

Ahh, to see the master at work. You did a great job on the video, looking forward to more.

Claudia Posada said...

Hola, Yainea
Gracias por el video, esta super claro y me gustaron mucho esos truquitos o detalles, como el de los tornillos y los cabellos
Un abrazo

golightly said...
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golightly said...

Some people can only lift themselves up by putting other people down. I hope you don't let that ignorant comment dissuade you from making more videos as they are so enjoyable and creative! I thoroughly enjoy it :)

J Reece said...

This are sooo cute! You always amaze me with your unique cards and projects. Those bolts are great. I think your English is fantastic (fang-tastic? hee hee). Seriously, you write better than so many native English speakers, so don't let that comment get to you. I love your videos --thank you for sharing your great projects!

Susan Clare said...

Absolutely adorable and very creative with Dracula's and Frankenstein's hair! Really enjoyed this - thanks so much!! More please!! <3

Susana Artacho said...

Gracias por el vídeo, Yainea! Y siempre digo que me encanta cuando les dáis otros usos a los troqueles, genial!

Nancy said...

These goodie bags are too cute! Great idea using the dies for hair!

Esther Rovira Sancho said...

Great video! Te dejo el enlace de mis goodie bag inspiración de Yainea, lo he puesto en el blog, siempre intento citar si algo ha sido inspiración directa. Y tú fuiste mi inspiarción para los vampiros!

Un saludo!

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