Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A new card and my weekend :)

Hi everyone!!
Today i have a cute card to share with you. I wanted to make this one for Inspiration Week last week but I run out of time so I finished it this weekend and here it is! I love the paper pieced watermelon pieces :)

I love this mini set so much! Those cute little ants are adorable!

Also I want to share my weekend with you :) I don't usually share personal stuff on my blog but it was a lot of fun and I need to share!!

As many of you know, I live in a small city in the North East of Spain. My city was founded by the Romans 2000 years ago and they coexisted peacefully with the existing residents in the area, the Celtics. So once in the year we have a celebration remembering them and this celebration was this past weekend. We have a wall all around the center of the city built by the Romans to protect the antique city and it's one of the actual World Wonders by Google (yes, I'm proud of it!! :P)

We usually dress like celtic or roman people, we decorate the streets and houses inside the wall and there are events with actors during all the weekend, , it's so much fun! So I wanted to share some pics! I forgot my camera at home so actually, only the last two pics are from this year, I took the others last year :)

I know it, this pic is horrible (it was taken at night with my phone :/) but I'm in LOVE with this gorgeous Pegasus :)

Also, I'm not a crazy soccer fan but, on Saturday, the Spain team won the match against the France team so we are classified for the Euro 2012 semifinals, woohoo! And on Sunday our city team ascended to a higher category, yay! it was a hard and super exciting match! It was played in the other team's city so we saw it on a big screen on the street and it was so fun! This is a phone pic after the victory :)

Well, sorry if you don't mind all this but I needed to share! Thank you very much for stopping by, I hope you have a great week!!

Supply list:
- Lawn Fawn stamps: Happy Summer, Gnome Sweet Gnome, Bake me a Cake and Bannerific
- Lawn Fawn stickers: Bright Side
- Lawn Fawn natural cord
- Papers: Scraps from different collections. If you're interested in a particular paper, I'll check it or you! :)
- Versafine ink: Onyx Black


MS said...

I an so glad you're a fawnie b/c you inspire so much creativity out my LF set! Adorable card. I love the history lesson too, and the pics. I love learning about other cultures, thanks for sharing :)

gRiSeL™ said...

Cute card indeed! And thanks for sharing those pictures and awesome information on some of Spain's history. I visited Spain back in the Spring of 2000 (para Las Fallas) and had a blast! I really enjoy your blog posts... (:

snappy scrappy said...

Love the card...too cute! Lee-Ann :)

Kari said...

First - I love your card!! You do things with the sets that I don't think I will get any use out of and you show me ways of how I can! Two - thank you for sharing some of your culture!! Don't ever be shy about sharing who YOU are on your blog, my sweet friend :) I love learning!

lenny said...

Wow!! What a GORGEOUS card!!
I'm really inspired!
You use one stamp set in such
different ways ... that's
Looking forward to see
your next project!!

Kanan Pandya said...

Hiiii...your all projects are always very creative and inspirational...today's card is so so cute and colorful..thank you :-)

And yes thank you for sharing great information about Spain....thanks for the pictures..I love to learn about new cultures and languages...:-)

Thanks so much..:-)

Ruth G said...

Your card is so much fun! I won the Happy Summer stamp set (happy me!) and I love your idea of paper piecing the watermelons (especially think the chevron for the rind is awesome!) TFS!
Your pictures from the festival are wonderful! One of the things that I love about following blogs are they from all over the world and it's so enriching to see what is happening on other parts of the globe! I will be sharing your post with my kids today for some summer social studies!

Eduardo said...

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