Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ombrè Feathers cards {+ video!}


Today I have a new video to share with you where I made two different cards following the same design. I show you how I made ombrè stamping and how I customize my stamps to achieve new different looks with them.

I LOVE things with feathers drawings, everything: clothes, jewerly, art... So I had this Feather More stamp set and I simply needed to make something with it. I like decorated feathers so I went that way. And because they're solid stamps, I'm also sharing how to achieve that gradient color look when stamping with solid stamps. Well, you can do it with normal stamps too but it'll be less noticeable :)

For this technique I prefer to use pigment inks and because Distress Oxide are partially pigment inks and I had them on hand, I wanted to try them. I really love the results, they work just like pigment inks for this. Of course, you can use dye inks as well, the final look will be slightly different, but I'll be super pretty too!

So, I made two cards with different color combos and I didn't decorate one of them, on this one the ombrè effect is the star of the show and the final result is cleaner and softer.

For my second card I didn't stop at the stamping and kept customizing my feathers. The final result is more vibrant and fun, kind of bohemian. I really like to experiment with different looks for my cards!

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you like my projects and video! Have a great day :)

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Teresa Doyle said...

These are just beautiful. TFS!